...MORE Summer 2015!

There has been SO much going on this Summer that I've had to write a new post!

We all had a great day at 'The Big Gig' held at Hull University. The event was organised by 'Hull Red', a charity who hold events aimed at adults with learning dificulties. 'The Big Gig' was a huge celebration aimed at everyone! The sun was shining and we all had a lovely day out together. Our dancers put on a fantastic display and then helped me to run a workshop for anyone who wanted to try out some new moves. Events like this really help to build confidence within our dancers. Well done everyone, you were great representatives of our school.

(Here you can see Evie demonstrating some steps.)

(The display!)

(Erin and Evie...Our little girls really look up to the older girls.)


We were delighted to be asked to perform at this event again this year. Hull is definitely a city filled with culture. Here are the girls watching the other performances before our display. They were also lucky enough to take part in a film about the day. Well done to the organisers for hosting such a fantastic event.


Many of our students, including those from the adult class, took their grade exams this Summer, all passing with super results. All the hard work paid off! We had a party after the last class before Summer to celebrate their success! (...With LOTS of cake!)

And finally... Our SUMMER CLASS FEIS 2015

Almost 70 of our dancers from all of the different classes came together at the end of term for our class feis. It's a great opportunity for the students to put all of their hard work into practice and to celebrate our school together.

Winners of our special awards:

Ava Laws - 'most promising'

Grace Smyth - 'most promising'

Anna Coulson - 'star of the day'

Stevie Dean - 'most improved'

Emily Atkin - 'endeavour award'

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