Information for our parents


Our dance classes are very energetic, so please wear something comfortable to dance in. Leggings or shorts and a t-shirt is ideal. O'Connor Academy sportswear available to order, but this is not compulsory.



We offer free taster sessions! 

For some children, starting a new activity can be a little daunting. Your child is more than welcome to come and have a look at the class and meet with Victoria and the other dancers. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our dance academy prides itself on being friendly and welcoming and we love to see new faces!

At your free taster session, you are welcome to watch the class with your child, or they can join in if they feel confident.

Class fees are usually paid per half term and start from £4. However, new dancers are more than welcome to 'pay as you go' for the first half term, until they feel settled within the class. You will receive an email with dates and payment information at the start of each half term and will also be asked to fill in a registration form for your child.

Please do not worry about purchasing dance shoes straight away. Trainers or pumps are fine to start with.




Our dancers have the opportunity to compete in numerous national and international competitions ​throughout the year. 

We also hold two class competitions per year, for all of the O'Connor Academy dancers. These are always great fun and give our dancers the opportunity to show their family and friends what they have been learning.

We also offer team classes for those who prefer to compete as past of a team, rather than on their own. 

If competing is not for you, please don't worry. Our dancers can also take part in lots of displays throughout the year for various charity events and celebrations. We are proud to be part of both the Hull and York Irish Associations. 


Each class begins with a dynamic warm up and ends with a static stretch and cool down.

Your child will be taught the unique and traditional art of Irish dancing, in a friendly and welcoming environment. We focus on strength, technique, flexibility, teamwork and stamina... But most of all we have a LOT of fun! Our classes are energetic, so please remember to bring a drink of water.

As well as our regular classes, we also offer workshops throughout the school holidays, please just ask Victoria for more information. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch by clicking 'contact' at the top of the page.